Khalibloo Panel

I finally made the leap from simply writing rig ui scripts for my characters to writing a real addon. The khalibloo panel is a collection of tools that greatly simplify common repetitive tasks. I also added some tools that i developed from my experiments with DAZ Genesis figures.

The Khalibloo Panel hosts a growing collection of tools that handle a lot of common repetitive or tedious tasks in Blender such as changing properties of multiple objects simultaneously, editing multiple meshes at once, shape key operations, modifier operations, constraints, etc. It also contains a set of tools tailored specifically to meet the needs of DAZ Genesis (and Genesis 2, 3 and 8) users, like auto-rigify (requires the Rigify addon enabled), importing morphs (when used with the bundled DAZ Script “Khalibloo Blender Morph Exporter”), material setup, etc.

Installed like any other blender addon with the exception that you need to enable “Autorun python scripts” in your user preferences to avoid errors. Also make sure to enable the “Rigify” addon included with every blender installation.

The addon and its instructions can be found on
The link above supports Blender 2.80. For 2.79 and older, please use this download link instead
The source code can be found on

Try it out and have fun with it. If you find a bug, please let me know.
Suggestions are more than welcome too.


Hi, :eyebrowlift:thank you to share good scirpt, I hope to try it with genesis. then, I can not download Scripts from your zip link.
There seems php file only. How can I open files?

Update 01:
a bug with the rigify neck fix button
ADD SUBSURF - adds a subsurf modifier to all selected objects

Update 02:
DAZ Genesis IMPORT MORPHS- imports all dsf morphs(except CTRLxxx.dsf kind of morphs) from the specified folder as shape keys of the active genesis figure (Should work with Genesis 2 figures as well)
NOTE: this functionality depends on an addon made by millighost so be sure to enable it

Update 03:
Improved error handling for the stuff in Update 02

Update 04:

full support for Genesis 2 figures (male and female)

SETUP METARIG with RIGIFY- a fully automated process that creates a rigify rig from the active genesis/genesis2 figure
SETUP VERTEX GROUPS with RIGIFY VERTEX GROUPS- same functionality. just more descriptive name

here are some screenshots

TIP: for best results with the morph importer, do not alter the scale of your character before importing morphs. so i suggest that you import morphs before any scaling operations

one problem i’m having though is how to distinguish between Genesis2male and Genesis2female meshes within the code.


waitinfuture, try “Update 04”

Well, finally came over to download it…thought I already had a membership here, but I guess not.

IE 11 always download as attachment.php then I change chrome,
it can download file as zip :eyebrowlift:

ah, so that now I can try rigfy with genesis2 !! thank yoooouU!

@mjc :smiley: make yourself at home.
i’ll like to see your verdict on the script

@waitinfuture, you are welcome :slight_smile: please share with your friends too

Update 05:
A bug with the weight assignments for Genesis and Genesis2 figures

Update 06:

code is now Pep8 compliant and is much cleaner now
i also just found out that there’s no real difference between genesis2male and genesis2female. they can even be joined as shapes!

It falls to the user now to ensure that they don’t click the correct “Rigify button”. for example if you have a genesis2male selected, don’t go and click “Rigify” under the “Female” tab

the text in italics do not apply anymore. ignore them. they are only there for completeness
Update 07:
RIGIFY- now attempts to parent automatically. however, if you already have an object named ‘rig’ in the scene(the default name for rigify rigs), this auto-parenting will not work.
RIGIFY VERTEX GROUPS also attempts to add the armature modifier automatically. for this to work properly, make sure the rigify rig’s name is ‘rig’. this isn’t a new feature, but it’s worth a mention here.

also fixed a bug that causes excess backup vertex groups to be created when using RIGIFY VERTEX GROUPS

TIP: for best results(and to avoid problems with rigify), you should rigify only one character per .blend file. afterwards, you can append(shift+F1) them to any scene you like

Update 08:
Automatic parenting is now FULLY supported. no more name guessing, so you can forget about the warnings (in italics) about object naming in post #8.
As for the RIGIFY VERTEX GROUPS, it will add the armature modifier and parent the selected object(s) to the rigify rig AS LONG the rigify rig’s name has not been changed since its creation.

Thanks many!! I must share some users who tried to animate (he usually make animation from scratch,
but said when import mesh and rigs to blender, feel difficulity )

then, my suggestion is, if U can change title eg (daz genesis auto -rigfy system =Khalibloo panel)
may be easy to find by many daz figure users. (some guys do not see their folum I know)

:smiley: i did a few google searches yesterday to see if i could find this script (using reasonable keywords), and yeah, i couldn’t find it. but since this script isn’t for Genesis only, it would be unfair to name it Genesis-anything :slight_smile:

so the best way would be to spread the word to every relevant forum (blender, DAZ, renderosity, etc). with time, it will gain popularity.

but for now, i just want to focus on finishing it up. perhaps then, it will get into blender’s repository.

Update 09:
adds a basic face rig (eyeballs and tongue only) when you rigify a genesis (or genesis 2) character
parents the WGT objects to an empty to clean up the outliner
UNRIGIFY VERTEX GROUPS- lets you revert to original collada weights (yeah, waitinfuture :slight_smile: )
it’s now possible to rigify as many genesis characters as you want in the same .blend file (thanks to takeo.kensei over at the DAZ forum)

more screenshots

APPLY LOCATION, APPLY ROTATION, APPLY SCALE - to replace the old APPLY TRANSFORMS that needed checkboxes
HIDE SELECT - makes all selected objects unselectable
UNHIDE SELECT - makes all objects in the scene selectable
HIDE/UNHIDE RENDER - makes all selected objects visible/invisible in renders

Face rig
Error handling


Hi Khalibloo,

Nice work on this scripts, could you make a little tutorial on how to use it?
I have install the script in Blender2.69 but I do not know how to use it from
there. Maybe a little video exemple to show how to use it in Blender, or something
with photo to teach me. Sorry for my English, it is not my native.

Thank you,


  1. In DAZ studio, export your character with Base resolution using collada. High resolution characters will not do. As for the clothing/prop items, resolution doesn’t matter.
  2. Import the collada file into blender.
  3. With the character selected, go to the appropriate tab under the Khalibloo Panel and click the huge “Rigify” button. For example, if the character is a Genesis 2 female, I’d select “DAZ Genesis 2” from the dropdown menu, then select the “Female” tab and then click “Rigify”. This generates an appropriate Rigify rig for your character.

  4. With your character and all clothing/prop items selected, click the “Rigify Vertex Groups” button. This will change the names of the necessary vertex groups to match the names of the deformation bones in the Rigify rig. If you did step 3 before, this will also parent your character to the Rigify rig and setup the armature modifier as well.
  5. If you haven’t changed the material settings of your character yet, clicking the “Material Setup” button will give you more-than-decent materials (Cycles is not supported!). Textures may also be setup, depending on your choice. However, you may need to change the specular and bump images.

If you have the “dsf-tools” addon (by millighost), you will also be able to import morphs straight from their native (.dsf) formats. Just specify a folder and click the “Import Morphs” button. This addon can be found here

If you intend to use an imported animation (collada or bvh), just use the MakeWalk addon from MakeHuman to retarget the animation to the rigify rig.

If you change your mind about using rigify, you can always fall back to the collada rig by clicking “Unrigify Vertex Groups

Finally, there’s also a “General” tab. It hosts a collection of tools to simplify many non-Genesis-specific tools. For more info, see the first post on this thread

I hope I explained it well enough. But remember, there are lots of tooltips to help you get around the addon. Just go ahead and try it. Also, there are lots of safety mechanisms, to ensure that you don’t click the wrong button under the wrong circumstances.


Thank you for your fast answer. Today I try it, I got Genesis 2 set to base mesh with V4 textures UV setting.
I export it as a Collada file from Daz and load it in Blender, I clic the Rigify button and it load ok.
I select only the Genesis mesh, I check in the others layer to see that only the mesh is select and clic the
button Rigify Vertex Groups and Genesis mesh got funny. See Image: Oh fail to load here.
I load it at DeviantArt here the link:


Thank’s again,

i was able to reproduce the error. here’s what’s causing it

you need to enable “Autorun python scripts”

i’ll look into it to see if it’s something i can avoid entirely. thanks for reporting that

Hi Khalibloo,

You are welcome, I check that box and it work ok.
Now I try to use the ring aroud the body to pose my model, I am in Pose mode and only the ring move, the body stay still.
I also try the morph load button and got a directery error “morph directery missing” in Blender I think. If I load a morph from the import menu with the script for one be one it will work, but the button fail.
Is it hard to create dail to control each bone, like we have for the shape keys??
Also if we could group them and name the group.
Will be more friendly to use like in Poser or Daz dials.

Thank’s again for your nice script.

the rigging issue you are having could be from a lot of different reasons. but it’s most likely you skipped a step. please try again while following the instructions.

possible fixes:
check the armature modifier. maybe it’s not referencing the correct armature

check the vertex groups. if NONE of the names looks like “DEF-xxxxxxx”, it means you haven’t rigified your vertex groups. here’s a picture of what rigified vertex groups look like

as for the morphs, you need to select a folder first. this folder should contain the morphs you want to copy. here’s an example:

as for pose control dials, you should search blender cookie for a tutorial on drivers. I recommend you watch Patrick Boelens’ tutorial on FK and IK rig controls. it’s gonna involve a bit of scripting, but it’s very easy. my script cannot cover this kind of functionality because each user has different sets of pose controls and morphs.

I know that blender’s shape key dials are not very user-friendly, but once you get used to them, you’ll see they are even more flexible than the ones in DAZ. they can even be animated!

Hi, I have find why I could not move the body, it have more that one ring for each body parts like the hand have 4 rings to pose it.
So first time I did not select the good ring, that will be very confuse to animate it, lol
Here the link for images: