Khopesh (Starting a Scene [10/27/04])

A little something I’ve been working on lately, and so far I only have the blade mostly done.

You’ll probably notice many, many ugly meshinesses, but I’ll iron those out later.

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They were fine for the first 150 or so views, but must be server problems (yet again %| )…

“Update,” he said, as he dug the thread up from the second page.

It’s less handleless now, and has the beginning of some materials. There’s a sharpness to an inside edge of the handle that I’ll smooth out for the next update.

Well now, don’t everybody rush to reply at once.

OK, enough of my sarcasm, I got bored, and made a little spinny type animation.

DivX AVI (278 KB)

It’s not the best quality, but it works for me.

what’s the red thing behind the handle?

It was the start of a ribbon type deal, I got lazy with it. I’ll either make it look better or trash it.

I personaly think the blade should be thinner it clashes with the handle, also the blade more sharply defined, the red thing is a piece of string right.(nice touch) also i think the blade/ handle is too soft and does not connotate any leathalilty<is that even a word! lol, anyway the forms lookin nice, good recognisable curve to it.

Alright, this project is going almost nowhere slowly… But here’s an update anyways.

I got a start on the scene, materials are temporary, and most will be tossed aside.

And a backup if my host decides to piss me off.

Cool :slight_smile:

I like Kopesh swords.

They should be made of copper or bronze, to be strict with their period.


I think the handle needs some more sharply defined edges right now. At this point it looks a little bit too soft, almost like a piece of molded plastic. The shape of the blade is quite nice though :slight_smile:

Hey, my thoughts exactly.

Yeah, you’re right, I’ll do some refining over the weekend. Crutches hinder my access to a blending computer.