Kichen in cycles

My 1st interior scene using cycles. The model is modified version of a free model from . I would like to know what you think, thanks for watching.:slight_smile:
I think I should add updated image here.

Old one:

Blender 2.61+cycles

Some posts in photoshop.

I like the kitchen design you picked. The image is soft and pleasant, but I feel the lighting is a bit undecided, wether it’s artificial or from a window outside the scene. The tilig of the floor looks off.

ok, I’ll try to fix it.

Posts in Ps killed it. You tried to de noise it, right? Better wait for some more hours than doing this.

The floor textures and the cabinet textures are huge and stretched. Scale those down for more detail.

Nice work :wink:

you are right,I should scale it down, and have to wait for few more hours.

nice, would love to see all the light setup and materials ? can you post or pm the scene :slight_smile:

yeah sure, I’ll post it.

An update to what I had before, Rendered more then 10 hours with 2000+ samples and still i got lots of fireflies.

Some postworks with vignette and glare effects.

Light setups:

Inside look, 2 window lights with mesh emitter, and ceiling lights also with mesh emitter.

Talking on material use for real world, doesnt wood floor for the kitchen isn´t a good choice uhm…?

By the way, could you share the lamp object here…?

Good stuff, more archviz scenes, yay! :wink:

Mmmm, lovely, I really do enjoy such concise architectural rendering! :slight_smile:

Sure, which lamp object? Sun,mesh or ceiling? Or every object? I’m thinking to upload this on Blendswap.

Blendswap great idea…

Looks nice. CC: I would bevel the edges, of the objects in the foreground, a bit (simple bevel modifier). The light will give you then nice highlights there. At the moment they’re looking a bit un-natural sharp.

Hmmm, may be you are right, I’ll take care of that next time.

This one is blendernation’s header today, XD .