Kick machine !

This is very simple…i made it quite fast.

I thought that because you cant kick yourself you could use this machine to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting…but I can kick my self…and alot of people can. Some people can even kick their forehead…

Nice Idea.

I think it would be nice if you were to add some detail to where the axle that spins connects to the supports. That isn’t really required, it would just make it a little more believable.

Heehee… clever idea. What MusicMan said about the modelling is good, but also these textures and the lighting are not very realistic. Maybe change the materials from default gray and use spotlights/suns instead of one point light; there are lighting tutorials that could show you how to get the mood you want. Anyway, keep going with this, it’s kinda funny in an odd way.

Damn crappy texturing…i really suck at it …

I would turn down the specularity on the shoe the way it is. In general shoes that shiny are either black or have a scaly pattern to them.

Do you have Raytracing on? If you don’t and your computer can handle some Ambient occlusion that would really help this picture (AO is in the world settings [1sample= most noise 16samples= least amount of noise]). With raytracing it would also be easy to add a little reflection to the metal supports (using raymir). Even if they are rusty a little small amount of reflection with a good amount of fresnel will really make it look better, since most metals at some point are shiny.

It also wouldn’t hurt to harden up the edges on the 6 sided piece at connection of shoe and axle. If you have ‘set smooth’ then try ‘set solid’ test and see if the edges are any harder (assuming its not subsurfaced).

As for the holding box, it would be good if there could be a hole where the coin slot is so the coin could go inside the box.

These are minor things that will give your picture better detail, and make it look like you spent some time on it.

Good Job.

I have raytracing on…but i dont even know what ambient occulsion does …

With raytracing it would also be easy to add a little reflection to the metal supports (using raymir).

I use raymir … and they have some reflection. :o


funny! :smiley:

sado-maso stuff!

I suggest you to change the textures and put it in toon shading…



Just don’t be facing the wrong way when you use it! :o

This would make a great animation project.

Kinky. :smiley: