Kid Astronaut

An idea I had for a project.

Hope you guys like it!


Another shot with the little Kid Astronaut!

Made with Blender
Rendered with Blender Internal

I really like this! looks incredible. especially the style!

How did you go about shading this scene?

Loving the style man. I bet it would look dope animated

The materials are actually very simple.

Literally all materials are done the exact same way. I can’t remember where it was that I saw someone using that technique to make cell shading.

Really glad you guys liked it! :smiley:

Have you tried using the cycles renderer,or the results didn’t satisfy you

Ha This looks super awesome. How did you come up with the idea of the look ? Did you see something similar somewhere that got you inspired?
Hopefully you do some more, hehe.

Looks really cool. Nice job !

I struggled to obtain some kind of tonny look like that in cycle and belive me, it’s hard. (I wouldn’t say impossible but hard).

Very cool, I like it !

also render times are longer to get noise free image
cycles is not really that maneuverable for stylized (NPR) imagery

I did try, but I never actually managed to get the same kind of result as with the Internal Render.

Yeah, getting that kind of style with Cycles is very hard indeed.

Here’s another image of the scene for anyone who wanted to see it.

And the compositor nodes