KiD MMORPG 1.39 Linux and Windows


New version released for both Linux and Windows! expect awesome all the way! remember troll gate competition, you can win you very own feature!

Enjoy cheers EyeBall



Version 1.38 released:
Troll Gate competition available here :



New version 1.37 available here:

Troll Gate competition available here :
it’s a pity that the serious trolls don’t care to play and are always wrong!


Christmas special: 1000 X Pocket Money

Check out the new features, gallery, video and download here:

Ps : Best game ever made using BGE! by far!



“Bs : Best game ever made using BGE! by far!”

why u do?

you should not do that.

inviting flame war you are. on post 01# of new thread.

BPR, don’t say anything, otherwise it’s harassment! remember?

no kidding here!, this is by far the best blender game that I never played. The game where so amazing that my computer got got stunned and froze, the graphics where so good that my eyes literally are bleeding just by thinking of the beauty the game holds. If this game where on steam it would destroy the market by taking away all the sells from every other game, that clearly isn’t as good as this one! Lucky the kind and understanding creator didn’t put it there, that would have been to rude to every other try-hard indie game maker.
Not only are the game insanely good, the creator is the most emphatic and understanding guy that I EVER heard of online, plz every one, do understand that there are no kidding by saying that THIS game simply is the best!

/me emits heavy sigh
Seriously guys? It’s obviously a tongue-in-cheek statement. Do you not see people saying it all the time? I do.

Gonna add some fuel to the fire.

Engine development is stalled in maintenance mode, the boards are plagued with maddened idealists who have no chance of success, and almost everyone that’s worth their weight has left. Here we have Eyeball trying to start fresh with a new thread and everyone quickly shuts him down for a simple joke that’s been made countless times. I’d say this community is pretty messed up right now.

Then there’s nutters like me who post aggressive nonsense after going consuming a bit much 'nog on Christmas day. Sorry guys.

Merry Christmas,
I was attempting to be funny.

Ever see Dr.Tran? Half tran. Half yoda it was.
And I respect what eyeball has done,

Saying ‘The best bge game ever’ is just a little rude.

+1 for the humor, I did catch that. I’m just angered at how everyone jumps on the eyeball bashing bandwagon at the slightest transgression. Even still I stand by my assertion that the quoted line was of light-hearted intent. We’re all familiar with the likes of Dead Cyborg and Krum. Again sorry for snapping at everyone.


I tend to love old and new graphics in games, but not a mess of no authentic and dynamic models.
The game appeals to me as a good work of a coder and only him. The design is totally no eye-candy for a teenager game… and also does not transfer the game-feel that you put into the system. If you want to name this as the best game, i disagree.
You could make a poll and see what people fairly express to your game.

I don’t think it is a bandwagon. It seems a significant number of the people who are upset at eyeball are upset due to a personal interaction between themselves and eyeball.

Besides when he said that people in every community harass him, I decided to spend an hour and googled his name. And ya know what. It was very much “More of the same” as we get here.

  • It starts with a friendly seeming offer on his end.

  • There will be some feedback

  • on art style, ranging from colour pallet to the subject matter itself

  • Or on more technical matters such as animations looping or network securty

  • And occasionally some concerns about the legality and tastefulness of his plot

  • Eyeball will then be dismissive and cite his own ability as he occasionally issues personal attacks. Both on the forums and in PM’s ((One thing I have noticed is his personal attacks are very prone to be edited out by forum admins and on some occasion delve into physical threats of harm))

  • Some trolling goes on back and forth. And admins ask those who are most likely to respond to reason to stop.

  • Eyeball then rubs salt in the wounds.

Its not a bandwagon. Yes the rest of the worlds 7 billion people should be the bigger person but he seems to go out of his way to bring it on himself.

Bs. Best game ever made using BGE! by far!

lol, you guys have too much fun messing with this guy.

I think he acts out for attention.

Damnit joseph find something better to keep yourself entertained. There’s all kinds of good things on the internet. Food, audiobooks, porn, etc. This aint a psychiatric evaluation.

+1. lol. You should all cut him a break until new years outta the goodness of yer hearts.

Hi, new version of the best game ever made in BGE available, and a competition for the people who obviously don’t play! and I hope you enjoyed your Christmas, I sure did!



New version 1.37 available here:

Troll Gate competition available here :
it’s a pity that the serious trolls don’t care to play and are always wrong!

is it the same eyeball?

I can clearly understand that this thread is going to go down really soon. So I’m going to put my two cents in. To basically say that this is the Best Game created with the Blender Game Engine is nothing more but an arrogant opinionated statement. More importantly, to create a Troll version of your game is nothing short of an insult to those who actually played the game and did make legitimate reviews of your creation.

Apparently, there are still the same issues that you have failed to address. One of the most important things when creating a quality product is appeal. If doesn’t look appealing to the potential player or user, they will be turned off. As useful as the engine can be at times, you might want to consider creating the elements in Blender and perhaps use a stronger game engine that can enhance the playing experience. Some of the advice in the last thread that you ran was advice that was meant to help you, but apparently you never took heed to it. You are currently still stuck with the same plan.

If you want to be successful, you have to learn that some of the ideas maybe what you need to make it better. Otherwise, events in history will repeat itself again.

You’re right, this isnt the best game made in BGE, in fact, its far from it! Thank you all for letting me see my ways.

I think I need to take some time away vigorously masturbating over my game models and just spend some time being a better human being. I think I’ve jerked my ego off enough, its time for me to do something meaningful with my life, or maybe I just need to smoke some fucking weed.


Version 1.38 is here… be sure to enter troll gate “competition”

Download, screenshots and feature list here:
Enter troll gate competition here:


When I tried to make an account it crashed and gave me these errors.

Well, I played it and…oh boy.
Quite a bit of… everything needs to be done in order for it to come near anything awesome I’ve seen from the BGE.
Mostly aesthetic though, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem, I hope.

Thats the main problem.
The game doesn’t appear to have a consistent style in any place, and what is there looks extremely crude.
The player character doesn’t look very attractive. Kind of like creating a scary possessed chibi manga doll.
Though I am kind of impressed that there is a character creation option to begin with (haven’t seen that yet from BGE).
The two things that look the crudest are the weird overly saturated textures and the extremely stiff or flailing animations.
Also, navigation would be easier if there was any camera control (I didn’t find any after pushing every button on my keyboard).

I understand you want to create somekind of Alice in Wonderland Online, but you really need to work on your style here.