Kids Challenge! #001


Okay, our first theme will be cars :slight_smile: You may model hi-poly, mid-poly, or low-poly cars :slight_smile: They can be realistic or cartoony, but make them your BEST! The challenge will end Monday, 5-26-2014 at approximately 5:00.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :smiley:

This is the first KIDS only Challenge. Please, only participate if you are under 18

I don’t want to be a buzzkiller but shouldn’t this post be in member contest instead of Week-end contest ?

was this inspired by my terrible entries? :wink:

maybe some 5 min max time rule for adults?:slight_smile:

Good Point :wink:

Huh??? :spin:

What entries, and no :slight_smile:

joey - i will happily participate (i’m 10) and i like the idea, but between this and the weekend challenge i won’t have much time, so how about doing it in the voting periods of the weekend challenge?

That’s fine :slight_smile: I can run this same challenge next Week too if you like :slight_smile:

Just throwing this out there…

I’ve thought of a few ways this could integrate into the WC, the polling allows for multiple votes, but we’d probably want to also set the option of showing who voted for who… personally I like the anonymity variation. On that note, this type of challenge will reveal to others contestants ages, in this day and age do we want to do that? If so, I believe there are extra law requirements in many countries to do so, so???

So if allowed, maybe a layer of abstraction, if say a responsible persons BA account was sent PMs with entries, then that responsible account sent on entries with random names and in a random order to the WC maintainer, then they added these entries as ordinates (1,2,3). All entries (older/younger) are displayed on the poll (e.g. 1,2,3,name,name,name) just as in the WC gallery voting page, AND everyone gets multiple votes (then everyone gets to see whos voted for who to check voting!). But at some point someone needs to know / regulate for a single entry!

Back to the begining of my ramble, a separate U18 thread gives away a users age! So to 10 year olds, go ask ya parents if you should or not !?!
[email protected]

Oh, ask a Mod of the site… :wink:

I have no problem with total clarity. My vote could be seen and I would like to know who voted for me. I’m 27 and curious how old are you guys:)

Thanks kjaku :slight_smile:

about giving away my age, i already did, twice, on other threads, so i’m not really worried about it :slight_smile:
back to the contest!

Okay! :smiley: PS: I’m 13 :wink:

hi! i hope i’m not late for the contest. didnt have time to finish this up so i turned it into a scene halfway through the production line of an aston martin:

please note that i spent 99% of my time on the modeling and 1 min on materials, i don’t want to get over the deadline!

anyone else entering? :slight_smile:

Don’t look like it, but thanks for the entry!

thanks, but what timezone is your deadline? ohio? greenwhich? alaska? :slight_smile:
(i just got 90% of the rest done)

Est. (Eastern Standard Time) And I’m in Ohio :wink: It’s currently 9:58 A.M. :smiley: