killing an enemy

Alright, I have been working on my small, aircraft game project, and so far, for a noob, it’s not bad. I now have a problem, with killing an enemy. I tried to have it die after five shots, from my bullets, and so far, this hasn’t been successful. I would like to know how to solve this problem, by having it die after a round of 50-80 bullets to the enemy. I would like to also know how to set up my enemies healthbar. I’ve already made a health bar for my enemy, but unfortunatly though, everytime I try to move the health bar, it won’t move along with the enemy, and even when I play the game, it is revealible through buildings. How do I solve these problems?

I would help if I could understand what you were saying, maybe posting a blend would help clarify your problems.

Maybe try using a property setting and have it die after a few rounds of bullets.

Alright, I had just uploaded a .blend file. Now you will be able to see the problem I have.:yes:


test 1.blend (747 KB)

I have updated another version of my test, but, it is still having the problem. :frowning: I have added a few more things for the enemy damage, but apparently though it is still not killing it. I am open to any suggestions for a solution.:yes:


test 2.blend (745 KB)