Killing an object with mouse

The way i have it now is if you use mouse it will kill the objects, all of the objects at once but the way i want it to work is different. Example, If i use an empty to add several objects ( all the same objects) Let’s say 10 objects in the scene, I might only want to get rid of one by using the mouse so i have 9 objects or 8 etc. Not sure if this can be done


Mouse over sensor combined with a click sensor and an edit object actuator?

Killing an object with mouse?

maybe if the object is a real small cat? :slight_smile:

Just joking. I think Sunjay is pointing you into the right direction, but you description is very unclear.

What do you mean with “use mouse”? “Use” is a pretty generic word. I mean I can take my mouse and throw it against a wall, hopping the wall dies. I’m pretty sure this is not what you meant.

Please tell us: what should happen when.

What Sunjay suggested worked. Thanks One last question
can i have the mouse visible for a few seconds then if mouse not touched it becomes invisible,becoming visible only when mouse is moved? I don’t think visibility actuator will work for that


Are you using a custom cursor or are you using Rasterizer.showMouse(1)? In either case, use a Timer. Make the cursor disappear (visibility actuator or alpha IPO on a custom cursor object, or use Rasterizer.showMouse(0) for system cursor) when the Timer hits the desired value. Reset the timer value to 0 and make the cursor visible again when the mouse moves.

I sort of understand what you are saying but there are no examples to learn from. I made i quick blend
can’t make the cursor disappear though. I will keep fooling with it but if you have the time look at the blend
I chose using the logic bricks to make it appear and disappear



timer.blend (151 KB)

Well, you can’t just pick which method you want to use. If you used a script to enable the system cursor, then you need to use a script to disable it. The visibility actuator would only work if you were using a game object as a custom cursor.

Anyway, I modified your file to work. Take a look at the attachments. The first one (timer_edit.blend) uses logic bricks and a slight change to the script. The second one uses a longer script and fewer bricks.


timer_edit.blend (37.2 KB)timer_script.blend (37.3 KB)