Kilner Jars

I wanted some jars, so I made some in a few different shapes.
I used images of Kilner Jars as reference.

EDIT - some renders . . .

The wires -

Now to fill them with something . . .


Here are some beans and seeds - borlotti bean, pumpkin seed, mung bean, black eye bean and coffee bean.

Obviously, Blender doesn’t like small scale physics simulations, so I used 15m tall jars for that part, and scaled them down again afterwards. Even at that size about a third of the pumpkin seeds fell through the glass.

Here’s a render.

The beans and jars are cg and the kitchen is photo.

especially the three jars on the left look quite dark. also the composition is a little boring, there’s nothing that’s more in focus than something else, you could maybe change the angle down, have one jar in the foreground and the rest slightly blurred in the background :slight_smile:

try to increase the steps per second, 180 - 300 ? maybe.
jars looking pretty solid :slight_smile: nice