Kim Possible 3D

Hi community,

this is my first project which looks like it’s getting to be finished some day. As I’m not that much experienced in Blender, I have also attached the .blend which contains the reference image used, so that you could look into it if you want; except for the images contained, it’s licensed as CC-BY-NC-SA.
The meshes are all static–after finishing this project, I’ll probably try to create a rigged model of Kim. My plans for this WIP are to refine the materials and lighting, as well as to add image textures as the materials currently don’t use any images at all.
I’d appreciate it if you could give me some hints about the hair, as I’m messing around with it for several hours now and can’t get it to look right (which doesn’t mean that it has to be looking realistic). But every other constructive critique is also appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


kimmie.blend (1.7 MB)

When creating a hairstyle, you have to look at 1 thing, the part in the hairstyle. If you want to make the hair look right. You have to focus on the actual shape of the hairstyle. Also, a good reference is key to get any hairstyle. Take a look at this images provided from Google Images.

Take a good look at where the hair is when she is on her left and right hand sides. By knowing where to place the hair on her head, it will give you a good idea on how to make it. I should know since I had a hard time getting the hair on my characters all the time.

One more thing. You have a good start on the face topology, but it just needs a bit more refinement on the edge loops.

Hi sto

Nice subject for your first project :wink: Her pose looks very relaxed which is good although the leg at the bottom seems to be in an abnormal position to me. I know she is a cartoon so it probably doesn’t matter anyway. Keep working on it and it should turn out to be a good art work.

Thanks for your feedback! I’ll look into the hair again, then into the topology of the face. The thing is that I started this project about 3 years ago and only occasionally worked on it, with some other work in between, so it’s time to let my few gathered experiences come into play :wink:

The leg is obviously a problem and needs further adjustment, but I hope to give it a shape which is both natural and fits the reference image.

Relaxed the leg, adjusted the lights, first progress in hair (maybe I’ll change it to particles some day).


First (serious) attempt at creating hair. Do you see something wrong/odd I might not have noticed yet?

Finally the hair looks right, and I also added a “switch texture” to switch between the default suit material and the blue one.