kinda beach fantasy

Hello community. This is my first post ever. My Website is still under construction, but I managed some blendings to show up. (HTML is kinda alien to me,still).
Here you can watch my beach fantasy render.

I know the fruit in the glass needs some fancy texture and some clouds would be nice. I’m working on that.

you can also see a trial of an animation(in fact only the first screenshots)
In that anim the piano opens at midnight plays some scary tones and closes later on.

Tips and critics welcome.

You need to work on the sand and the water some more.
Your chair and your other beach things looks nice.
But the umbrela needs to have Auto smooth on and Set smooth on.
Good work. Maybe a bigger render would help us C&C better.

The beach looks nice, but set smooth on the umbrella and improve the sand and lighten up the underside of the umbrella, and the piano scene could use more detail in general and the walls are a bit grainy.

Been working on it this week, playing around with the sand settings and added water. I read the “Balance” - threat by Usagi, loaded the .blend and compared the settings with my own ones. Made several renders in different states of progress.

C&C welcome

Water looks a little wierd and the sand still looks rocky.