(Floki) #1

Blender cycles, Krita, Darktable

(alf0) #2

nice, i like it
the other imgs are thy freestyle !!!?

(Floki) #3

ty, cycles with freestyle

(LooKahs) #4

They’re fabulous and an interesting refurb.

I do have to say though, I’d hate to be learning maths in this Kindergarten.

(Floki) #5

Thanks! :slight_smile: I hated maths too in the school

(captainkirk) #6

Really good. I’m working on a daycare centre for a client right now. Was the building Archipack?

(Floki) #7

ty! nope, I using only our studios addons.

(captainkirk) #8

Really? What kinds of inhouse tools do you use?

(Floki) #9

the most useful is the model and material manager, they speed up the work by 10 or even more times. Thanks to links, scene files weigh less than 50mb. The add-on was based on the chocofur model manager and was added and converted to our needs, so special thanks to them.

(captainkirk) #10

Cool. An asset manager is one of the things Blender really needs. I wish I had the resources to create my own addons.

(SunBurn) #11

Super cool job, totally professional.
I specially love the interior scenes.

(Floki) #12

Thanks! Glad to hear that =)


So much work, so much detail, good work!

(Dimitar) #14

Nice project, great images. And the asset manager you guys use looks super useful.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #15

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

(Mithrandir) #16

impressive! really nice work!

How much times did you spend on this project?

(Floki) #17

Thanks, This project was finished in 3 weeks


Wow, these images are awesome. Probably some of the finest Arch Viz image’s I’ve seen come from Blender :+1:

(Floki) #19

Thanks! Really glad to hear that =)