Kinect NI Mate motion capture test

Here’s my first test using NI Mate and the Kinect for motion capture. The animation is the direct output from the motion capture with no cleanup done.

It was pretty fantastic that my Kinect arrived in the postage the day before NI Mate came into open beta. :smiley:

you said no cleanup, hah, you sure must have wiggly ears! Seriously, great stuff, on my list of things to learn

The rig supplied with NI Mate makes the ears do that automatically. :stuck_out_tongue:

One more :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks kinda messy

I’m impressed how well it handles spins too. Will it handle faces?

The second test looks great.

Nah, it only tracks basic bipedal movement. It’s great for getting quick animation done, and then you can clean it up afterwards and manually animate hands, feet and facial expressoins.

sucks that nimate isnt on linux yet because it looks awesome

hi-saw this thread/thought maybe you could offer some help (tried on ni-mate forum, not too much going on)–
here is my test:

Can someone give me some tips re better motion control on this? it seems almost impossible to control the direction in the viewport once ni-mate is running…this is blender2.61 + ni-mate 0.93–after lots of messing up, i decided to use the rig from the ‘bunny’ example with a few simplifications–so why does the torso bend so erratically? the only changes i have made are to the mesh/skin, really nothing else (followed the tutorial closely,too). any tips? anyone? thanks. (i did work with different distances fr the kinect, and even when further for better view of feet i get these distortions too).