King Nothing

this is a WIP of King nothing as in the Song King Nothing by Metallica

all comments welcome

-add weat to ends of the grass

nice idea and mood…the skull is looking good but the hair needs work…and so does the sword

Here is a new image
-lower angle
-shorter grass
-pile of skulls
-different lighting

-grass different colour
-darker mood

all commments are welcome

WOW a bit brighter pleas?

Why? If i Make brighter it will look stupid and also i am trying to give it a darker mood

Having a “dark mood” does not mean no lights.

:< alright, alright i will make it brighter

please note there is only 1 light source(sun) the whitenes was done with postprocess(add)

i’m guessing you have a LCD monitor. Luckily, so do I!:stuck_out_tongue:
I would suggest taking out the clouds procedural background and putting in an image of lightning or something like that. IMO the white part of the sky just kills the mood right now. I would make it a bit darker, and make the skulls glow just a tad.
I would also turn on a very dark AO just so there is no completely black places.
Nice skull, btw, keep it up!
Don’t listen to those old-fashioned CRT users!

EDIT: after staring at it for a while longer, I suggest making the grass about twice as dense, more random, and greenish-yellow, like dead grass.
Also add a -z pull to it, so that it droops some. Not much, maybe like -0.04

You could try using a more even light, while reducing the overall lightning. That would keep the dark mood while making it easier to see.

In our 3D worldof blender, adding more light does not mean that you have to brighten the scene. I like the atmosphere you are going for.

A couple of things:

  1. The skulls do not look like they are stacked in a way that would allow them to stay like that (too much space in there), it looks far too unstable to stand.

  2. The spec on the skulls is too hard. Maybe turn it down or tweak the lighting…

  3. There may be only one light “source” but in the real world (or even imaginary) light bounces, creating alternate sources.

If you haven’t seen it, here is a good link for tweaking your lighting to get just the right feel to it. Lighting makes all the difference toward a convincing scene.

The reason you should take time with lighting the scene:

thanks for all the comments and help :smiley:

here is the result (some tweaking required)

comment are still welcome

This is coming along. I liked the mist in the render before this last one. This last render would be much closer w/ the mist, imo.

Looking really cool, but it looks like all of the peopel were from hollywood…


I mean the teeth are much too white, yellow them up a bit to give them more of a pile o’ skulls look, and not a freshly scraped meat off the bones yesterday look.

Here is an Update of King Nothing

Comments are welcome.

PLEASE NOTE: know about the blue patches and i know how to get rid of them it just Takes over 3 HOURS :x to render the scene and i could not be bothered right now

The pile of skulls looks a little unnatural. Ever see pictures of the cambodian killing fields?

Maybe scatter skulls all over the place, half buried, and make the pile at the base more like a pile, and take out the glass rod, so you can render faster by turning off some of the special effects, (I Think)

I forget all the lyrics to “king nothing”, so I don’t remember the message of the song, (allthough IIRC, it was about heroin).

that is a very good pic…i love metallica they gott be my favorit band or at least in tthe top 3…and yes it is about heroiim (or something like that) alot of their songs were about drugs…andi love the dark theme seeing as metallica does have alot of dark themes in their music

looking good. I really like the feel of gloomy renders, I don’t know why.

three things:

  1. said before, but the skulls would topple over if standing like that.

  2. each skull looks the same (apart from the king). maybe alter each ones texture or mesh in some way where they look more random.

  3. biggest one you can see is the hair. its pulled back and very straight, so its not natural even if it was in the wind. I’m guessing you used just a force modifier for the particles, so maybe you have it follow a curve, or have force fields so that is looks more natural.

good job so far, keep it up!