King Suite Furnishings - Studio Renders

The King Suite is a 3d luxury hotel suite with 16 rooms that I have been modeling. As I modeled the furnishings, I did some studio renders for a little nicer view of the individual pieces.

This is only a fraction of all the 3d modeling that makes up the suite, If you would like to check out these furnishings within the suite, than go here

King Suite Full Tour [



amazing that big quantity of props you done harley! I think the shaders are fine since you are put a lot to effort to achieve they behaviour physically correct, some shots catch my attention, the metals looks pretty well.

keep working and greetings.

What an immense amount of models in this video compilation. The models and the shaders are truly pleasing. And it is featured already at Adventures In Blender, as I saw today. Congratulations.

@jose Thanks for checking out the video of studio renders

@Minoribus Appreciate the heads up on the AIB feature.

Each of the Studio renders took about 45 min - 1 hr. to render. There are over 50 of them… hope you will watch the video in full screen.

Here are a couple closeups of sconces that I wasn’t able to fit in the video.