Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Key

My absolute favorite video game on earth is Kingdom Hearts, so its been a bummer that no real great Keyblade CG Renders have come out of blender forums, at least that ive seen, and so I took up the project of modeling and ray tracing my own Keyblade for sport and for obsession. I think that these test renders are coming out pretty nicely and I want to know how others think of them too and give me some advice. I also want to see if I can conjure up some KH fans like myself too :slight_smile:

  I know that there is unnecessary glow in the walls in the background... i'm working on that lol, but what I like is that it kinda feels like you can actually "Pick up the Keyblade" in some of the pics, that's the effect i'm going for.

 Thanks for all your support and responses in advance! Any comments will be appreciated

Pic 1 -----> The best Render I think

Pic 2 -----> Kinda plain but clear and crisp

Pic 3 -----> I’m trying to get an indoors look, and this isn’t quite it, but a different view nonetheless and it’s still nice

I like your first image the most as well.

The biggest improvement would be to reduce the noise.
I guess that would be increasing in ambient occlusion samples.

Then there could be beveling.