Kirby And Waddle Dees Asleep

A regular render and cycles render of Kirby and 2 Waddle Dees sleeping:

Regular Render:

Cycles Render:

Improved Cycles Render: The blue background wouldn’t show up so I had to make it a mesh and material, The shadows are also a little darker for a more realistic look.

This would be my first time using cycles to render something, it took 1 hour and 11 minutes to render with 250 render samples to get rid of the grainy look.

Edit: fixed the first picture for the plane to have the correct texture, I posted it and forgot to re-render the first picture with that texture

Nice as a still picture but annoying as fudge in Brawl! That effing living gumball…

Ehh I never really found Kirby to be a challenge, the biggest challenge I found in Brawl was Ganondorf, now that was a hard thing to beat X_X.

But when played by a human player, then Kirby becomes a pain.