Nothig to do:
Idea :smiley: !!!
Result : Kirby!

I love Kirby! :smiley:

Now you could make a little anim with him or something.


I do really like it a lot.

I think that simple ideas like this one, for renders, can be quite nice, everyone is focused on photorealism now…but i like this kind of works

The eyes look… Just plain wrong.

Good job though. :smiley:

I think his eyes are too long. His feet might be a tad big as well, but I have no reference picture right now.

I really liked it. Just AO?

I kinda like the eyes.
Did you use U V maping?

Laurifer: Thank you man!I will think about an anim.

Avier: I like it too!

HOSJ: Thanx!

whiteboy: Thank you for the crits,I need these kind of crits!

JJ: No…i used Yafray.

RONIN: Yes, I used the UV mapping.

Thank you all for the replies! :wink:

no, the feet look good. in the game, his feet are BIG.
good job on kirby! i like him, and i kill in SSB:M with him.

put him either doing his slide attack with motion blur or put him on his star

good job

I kick arse with Kirby in SSB:M as well.

Such a great game…

Please any moderator would you move this topic to “Work in Progress”
I didn’t finish this project.Thank you!

Another image, now with the star!

One thing…how do I use the Motion blur?


His eyes still look evil. :wink:

How can I make a nice look?
Any idea? %| :smiley:

Your Kirby looks really cool! I like what you did with him! I’m thinking of going with something simpler then what I had planned, I think I might start with Kirby and then move to another character or something. I keep on trying to think of something simple to make, but nothing comes to mind!

Great job on Kirby! I like him…:smiley:

I think the star needs to have less of a reflection, more cartoon-ish.
Otherwise, that’s awesome!
yeah, kirby is great… :smiley:

i think that it looks perfect. the eyes are fine.

nice work

sweet! that kirby looks cool!
put him on the wagonstar I made! in blender! lol.

Make the eyes smaller, I think. Otherwise i’m not quite sure what it is…

Normal eyes

smaller eyes

What do you think?