Kirby's Pocky

I little collab i made with my fiancée

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i. need. to. eat. this. right. NOW.
youve automatically sold me just from the boxing alone; the unbearable cuteness of kirby and my love for strawberry are two main factors i believe is the crux of my adoration!
the cover art is simple and child-like, and gets the viewers eye immediately. your fiancee did an amazing job at the artwork (friendly reminder to self: check out their insta), and your 3d model did it justice! the warm lighting gives the image a homely aura, which sells the look pretty well. the sheen in the metal is also pretty realistic, and pays homage to literally every metallic food container i have ever seen.
one glaring detail id like to mention however, is that the icing seems bland. irl, pocky icing has serious deformations, and also includes darker bits of icing dotted around the place. it looks like youve done it on the bottom, and i feel like if it were consistent throughout the whole pocky stick, it’d be 10x better.
all in all, this is a great piece! i really hope to see you and your fiancee collaborate again, and see what other works you two can pull off!

p.s. a rectangular cover lid with a beveled container!? what sorcery is this!

nice work !!!

Really love this packaging artwork and fantastic render and colour harmony :slight_smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile: