Kitchen from Photo

This is my first attempt at creating an environment from a photo. I used Fspy to line up the perspective, and Blender for everything else. Textures are a mix of my own procedurals, and PBR textures from various creative commons texture sites. The photo was taken by a friend of mine who remodeled the kitchen. There is obviously room for improvement here. Let me know if you have any insights to offer!

Version 1

Version 2
Screenshot_2020-01-03 Shaun Jessi Kauffman ( skj co) • Instagram photos and videos
Original photo


I’m totally disappointed. Oven gloves are not identical. BAD WORK !
No really, really impressive work :clap:
i think you should add some deformation to the fridge door, it looks too perfect compared to the original.

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“I’m picking up your sarcasm” :stuck_out_tongue: It’s funny you should mention the fridge. I have improved that asset since creating this scene. I’ll be posting my next kitchen with the improved version in it. :+1:

Is the backplate above the stove a piece of modern art or why does it look so strange in the original? :slight_smile:

It looks like it’s a copper plate with heavy bumps on it.

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I got a few questions about that on Instagram too :slight_smile: It’s some kind of metal that underwent an acid treatment of some kind. He did tell me when I was checking it out but I forget the details! :blush: I just used a copper material in the renders.

Ceiling is way too reflective

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Definitely, agreed.