Kitchen Interior - Indigo

Hi guys!

I modeled a kitchen a while ago and now trying to make something beautiful out of it.
My first version with textures was made in BI (you can see it in:

So with advice and help some people in this forum I made a few changes to my project and this time I used Indigo 0.9 to render. This where I get so far.
Have a look and please tell me what you think of it guys.
Thank you


That looks nice very very good detail and just looks so real can’t wait for textures.

Looks good. Glad to see your making the shift to a new renderer! Trying new things is a great way to improve your skills. How long did this render take in indigo?

Yes …it is feels great to explore something new and when that new is actually working :slight_smile:
Took about 12 hours to render.

Wow that’s a long time. Hey I tried Indigo a couple of days ago and it never really worked. Can you tell me how you do it? IF you want you can just PM me with the answer. Looks great too. Just needs some textures! Good luck and thanks!

My $0.02: Since the hanging lights are so central to the scene, I would move away from making the globes emitters. Take a little extra time and model some actual light bulbs with fillaments and make those emitters shining thru the bulb glass as well as the globe’s glass. This will make a huge difference, especially if you take the time with the material to make it partially frosted or something like that. The in-ceiling lights are okay as is, tho.

You might want to have some exterior lighting shine through the window, too. Either an emitting plane or close in your room and set up a sky. Indigo’s camera defaults (I think) to a auto-light-balancing algorithm (like that on your digital camera.) Thus, when you introduce exterior lighting, you may have to adjust the power of your inside lights to regain the proper balance. Sounds like a pain, but the results are worth the effort, IMO.

Coming along great, tho. Don’t you just love the natural-looking shadows, etc?