Kitchen Interior

Started this few days ago. Just wondering what people think of it so far. I was going to use Indigo (still might) but i think Blenders internal did a pretty good job of it ( i could be wrong). Working on materials and textures ATM. Added the chrome material and some basic bump here and there, thats it.
So, another boring interior :slight_smile:
Any [email protected] appreciated.
Blender 2.44


Its really looking fine.And of course looking bigger than my kitchen.

The multiple strong light sources are confusing and the scale seems a little off on cooking and clean up area. The scale problem may be a visual error — the table is actually a free-standing work area or island and I at first thought it was lower. Perhaps you need more stools around that so that is more apparent?

From a practical point of view, the controls for the cooktop should be much closer to the cooktop. This looks like a stove (a baking oven with an incorporated cooktop) where the cooktop has been separated and raised. There should also be some sort of backsplash behind cooking and cleanup area. I try to imagine myself (6-feet tall) cooking there and the counter top seems too low. In the USA there is a specific building code regarding the placement of vent fans to cooking surfaces — the width looks close (could be a little wider perhaps) but it looks too distant from the cooking surface. In modern kitchens it seems that I have to watch out not to hit my forehead on the edge of the vent. I’m not sure what the building codes are down under.

I really enjoy the detail you have so far, especially the wall unit to the right. There are lots of fun distractions there.

The bowl next to the vase thing…its a lil to big.

very nice!

This is an awesome scene! Great detail! A couple of suggestions, one the lighting in the right rear of the picture doesn’t fit with the daylight coming from the left. Maybe make the table a little longer with some more depth. Try scaling up the size of the stove and sink area. Post another image soon, I would like to see what you come up with!

Thnx Blenderizer.
Sean009: Your a doing a kitchen too? Do you have a link to it? Im sure its great. Thnx.
g60: Great help. Did everything you mentioned bar the confusing lights (shadows) syndrome. Still working on lighting. I want to scrap all lights and try some area lighting without AO. Thnx for your input, really appreciated. We seem to have the same problem down here with over hanging vent fans btw.
Lilgrudgeboy: Thnx Man! That was a massive bowl :slight_smile: Thnx for pointing it out.
Mikealex: Cheers.
tampaBlendie. Fixed that back light problem u suggested (i hope). Re-scaled the table and stove area. Thnx for your encouragement and feedback. Say, your new to the forums? Welcome. Its a privlidge to take your first post. :slight_smile: I get feeling your experienced though. Coming from another 3D application?
Ok, for a second update i think i have gone backwards. What a surprise. Rough around the edges, over staturated maybe? Will i ever get it right i wonder?
Will rework lighting, unless someone can suggest a good light setup. That would help alot. Should i post the .blend?
Sry for the large files, ill use JPG from now on.

IMO the second render has a nice mood. And no, you will never be done. You will fuss with lighting until it feels like your brain has been put through a blender.

Note to self: don’t buy a chrome range hood, you will only get blinded and there are enough excuses for my cooking.