Blender, EEVEE, Gimp, pixplant. Stuff models from 3dsky. 4 hours in total.


Beautiful !
Very studying.

Lovely simple decor and lighting.

Super nice, I am quite new to Blender and EEVEE and seems like it can handle archviz pretty well. Great Job

Well, i’m using blender for archviz since 2008, since version 2.41. And the main advantage of blender agains 3dsmax is that blender IS NOT FALLING WITH ERROR. When the devs worked on 2.8 they shared an averyday build and even this dayly build was more stable than 3dsmax 2019. So as fot me blender is a ideal suite for archviz. It’s saves your time.


So beautiful!!
It will be very interesting to look at the irradiance volume arrangement and settings