Kitchen scene


(CrazyCGChick) #1

Hi everyone. I have been working on this on and off in between client work. I have pretty much done the texturing now but would like some feedback on how it is going so far.

I personally think it’s too clean and not happy with the lighting set up



Yeah, way too clean. Kitchens are kind of messy by their nature. All your objects are nicely lined up, none of them show any burns or rust or stains. Go into your own kitchen and take a look around at the kind of damage that’s been done over the years.


Good models - I like the wooden cabinet and basket, but materials could use some more work. Take the stove, for example - what is it made of? Is it cast Iron, or painted steel - you can use different types of wear&tear - like corrosion, peeling paint, etc.

(CrazyCGChick) #4

Thanks guys. I have researched into lighting and created a more moody atmosphere and also going into further research and image searching on textures, already seeing improvements to the scene in general but still need to work on the oven and the pots.

Still got a way to go but this has all been really helpful thank you


Looks definitely better. And sure, light is the key:smiley:

(SandraDau) #6

coming along! the materials need more attention. but like the shapes of this!

(CrazyCGChick) #7

Thanks everyone so far. I have had some client projects so I was only able to dip in and out of this. I have made some updates to the textures and lighting. Would like some additional feedback please.

Thanks in advance