Kitchen View

hey! i’ve been kinda slowly here and there working on this project and just now finally getting serious about it. Tell me what you think about it. I’ll be adding some more objects, and fixing a bunch of things. But overall, critique it.
latest update:


Wow, that’s looks awesome.

Only crits would be those little gray blobs on the corners of the door. Also the window looks a little odd (the image outside I mean).

But again, wow! Keep it up!

it looks good so far, those yellow orbs look delicious! :wink: as far as crits are concerned, id say that picture out the window looks off, not sure exactly what, maybe some light needs to come in… those artifacts on the doors need fixed, add some calk between the counter and the sink, and take another look at your plug-ins they seem too round like kirby’s face or something… and maybe change your camera’s lense, seems a bit ‘‘fish eyed’’ if you know what i mean. looks good keep it up!

My suggestion: GI

hey, i was wondering on your suggestions on fixing that pic in the background, i’m struggling to get that looking correct and not sure what to do. How would i make this look more realistic?

The modeling and basic texturing of most of this is an excellent start.
The counter door/wood especially is very “flat” I think more bump would help, as well as some “dirt” via spec, etc. Look up some of the “making wood real” tutorials.
Definitely too much “fish-eye” - the camera focal length is so extreme the plaque looks badly warped, its not bad on the counter.
There’s no diffuse light from outside spilling in on the counter.
The wall electrical recepticle looks is too thick with that heavy shadowing, ie, out from the wall too far, but the sink looks to be floating because there isn’t any. The calking mentioned might help that. Or else a slightly-shadowed edge between the sink and countertop.
The chair and faucet black metal looks VERY flat. Needs variation and highlights.
The background picture looks fine - very realistic! Oh, you mean, matching it with your foreground? :slight_smile:
Notice the light quality, colours and sharpness? The spill from the window into the room will be a warm, yellowy light rather than a plain diffuse blue-ish sky lighting. That will help pull the two together.

Also with the back ground I’d make it shadeless

wow, arcticsnpr! I wouldnt criticize anything! I love it as it is, (but then, my eye is not as trained as the pro’s one :wink: ) superb work in everything, modeling, texturing and rendering. It can only get better. The blotches in the white window elements are the only thing I perceive.
Is that blender internal?

this is yafray render.
dgebel - I REALLY appreciate your comments on this. I wish everyone did what you did. This really does help thank you!

an update or sorts (top image). I changed a few things here.
Tried to work on my lighting, installed calk, gave wood a less flat feel, added the stove, and some others.

another update, please tell me what i need to change, much appreciated