Kitchen visualization - Cycles 64 samples

Hi guys,
just want to share with you this work in progress - made with a ridicolous number of samples: 64, using the new denoise feature of blender 2.82.
It looks flat and not detailed, but it took just 2-4 mins to render with a 4yrs old pc (gtx 965M), imagine with a cool gpu!

Very useful for sketch renders!

The settings are the defaults found on blender forums, but I’m sure you already know.
Hope you like it!


The denoiser and floor dont like each other :slight_smile:

It’s just this texture :wink:

Maybe look at it in a few days again but this texture really looks like a mix between aquarell painter and denoiser artifacts. Doesnt really look good in contrast to rest.

Was this with the default settings of the denoiser?

I’m talking about the the denoiser node, under the “compositing” tab
You’ve probably used the “old” defaul denoiser, that doesn’t work well with a poor amount of samples.

This is one of the simplest setup I’ve found around:

Ohh great tip! Thanks!
I didn’t even know this was available in composition :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy **** :scream:
I was not aware in my own topic you were referring to the denoiser in the compositing. I thought you meant the normal one.
I’m flabergasted by the result! You were right!

I just have one strange thing now…
Any idea what these might be? They’re not objects.

Wow that’s odd! Never seen that before :joy:
Do they appear only with the denoiser option?
Could it be a hidden particle system?

No idea!
Btw nice results!!

Apparently it was keys from the keyboard but they seemed to be hidden below something else causing me to believe they were not objects. No clue why they were there, or why they were spread out though. After deleting them (duplicates) they don’t show up anymore!