Kitchen Ware LOL

Luxcore online Library is growing fast. Kitchen as not be so wild. Dozens of assets entirelly modeled on Blender 2.83 LTS a shaded for LUXCORERENDER engine.
The render took 5mn on my I7 8700k (why not on GPU ? it was so fast i didn’t see that it was on CPU before the end of the render :crazy_face: )

Get access to previous LOL patron asset here :

Now setup phase :
__Rename everything
__Add thumbnails
__Split all into seperate group
__ Set them to LOL system


@sharlybg :grinning:it is really great project. I’m interested on os it possible to use two versions of Library: COL (CyclesOnlineLibrary and LOL (LuxCoreOnlineLibrary):blush:? It will be cool for both users of the different engines.

Could happen in the futur but Luxcore is the priority for now. There is a lot of assets available online for Cycles Blenderkit and blendermarket …

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The update is out just tried it :

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