heres a project i started yesterday any c&c appreciated

wow, very nice
is it done in indigo?

hey thanks!

no i rendered it with yafaray, after failing miserably trying to render it with lux :stuck_out_tongue: i looked at maybee using indigo but after finding out they went commercial and they have a size limit on the renders i decided not to try.

Looks good in modeling, if the render is gooing to be just for visualization, but kinda lacks in texturing if you are heading to photorealisim.
If you want avoid headache texturing make the doors of the cabinets in the same basic way as they appear in the tutorial, because in real life those doors aren´t made of a single sheet of wood.

Yea that is what i am going to be working on next the textures that are on there now i did in like 20 mins :spin:

and what tutorial are you talking about?

I was thinking that you were following this tutorial.:o
Also i noticed that your “slab” and the tutorial dosn´t have a back part that avoids that the objects fall between the wall and the cabinets, it´s like 3 inches tall.
I did a quick draw to show what must go.

if i misspell sometimes it´s because english isn´t my native languaje.




Looks a little to grainy. Other than that everything looks amazing! Good luck!

I believe the tutorial in question is:

holy crap i wish i would have known about that 3 days ago :spin:

Yep, that´s the tutorial.:stuck_out_tongue:
One thin to notice is that your slab, and the one that appears in the tutorial, dosn´t have a back part, that avoids that things fall between the cabinets and the wall, it´s like 3 1/2" in tall (8.9 cm).

If i mispell sometimes, please be kind, i don´t write to often in English, i hope that changes as i am around here.



i would say the glass on the oven door need work