Blender Cycles

Hello nice one. Maybe a personal taste, but I would change the green reflective wall with a simple diffuse material. The modeling is nice and the lighting too. Hope to see more work from you.

Great work!

I agree with the above. Those walls would never be in my house!
They may look more realistic if you turned down/off the reflectiveness.

The green is a bold choice, but it doesn’t work well with the color of the cabinets. If you want to go green, my eye is suggesting something that creeps a little more into the blue side of the color wheel. Perhaps a slightly darker, less saturated green like sage, or something richer but still light like a spruce? If you change that, you can still use the sour apple green, but just as an accent color.

I agree with the others about the glossy wall. It’s candy-like. I think having some bit of glossiness could add visual interest in the form of a back splash, but mounting cabinets on an entire wall of glossy paneling is just not likely to happen in meatspace.

Thank you for your opinion :slight_smile:

Those walls don’t fit kitchen’s style.