Hi! Here is my last project. Cycles render, 1600 samples and 100% resolution. I hope you like it.

looking good, but the oranges look a bit metallic, i dont know why though… same for the lemon. the banana is very flat colr-wise. the drapes look kind of “watery” because of that distortion in the bootom middle. the flowers are too dark and dont have the yellow center most flowers have. also dof could be lowered a bit. the stacking of the plates is a bit too perfect. the kitchen sink is absolutely huge and the cupboard space underneath it would be eaten up by the sink and plumbing. the wall tiles spec looks very “wet” above the jars. also, the charging plug thing has 3 holes, but they usually have 2 (but maybe your kitchen really does have that)
overall really good. the spec on all the glasses is awesome! just the details that need some fixing :slight_smile:

Very nice feel!

yeah, good lighting, modeling, rendering.

-wrong displacement at the borders of the ground tiles, also there is no specular on them.
-the window trees differs in blurriness which is weird, cause if the glass is glazed then it should all be the same blurriness, and if not it should have a subtler varying.

but overall the scene looks good.

Hi! Thank you very much for comment.
The fruits are from Blendswap. It´s true that the flowers have not got the yellow center, I didn´t see it jeje. All things you say are true, it´s so difficult…
Thank you very much for comment.

Thank you very much Chosen One! I am glad you like it. Thanks for comment.

Thank you very much for your answer. Yes, the floor gave me some problems. The garden is a photo, but I modified with Gimp, so looks blur. Thank you very much for comment.

I like it
looks very natural and good use of materials and light.

Congrazt and Regards.

Thank you very much Skaldy! Your comment make me happy.

well some tips on how to do some of the stuff:
flower center - can be a yellow half-UV sphere
jiggling the plates - PEF with random falloff
kitchen sink - you can scale it easy
3 pronged plug - create face tool (F key) in edit mode
banana - you could use different materials
flower lighting - hemi lamp or so pointing at it
lowering the dof should be easy :slight_smile: you know more about it than me :smiley:

Ok, I´ll try make that you say me (now is more easy). Thank you very much for your tips, and thanks for comment!

A few things

Flower - have you never heard of a daisy? They have black disk/eye - center of flower.
Plates - “jiggling the plates”… not sure but generally plates go on atop the other. Not dance the polka.
Kitchen sink - actually that sink is about proper size if one is doing a double wide sink. I’d know, my cousins worked in a restaurant for 2 years during college and I oftentimes got to sneak back and see.
Three pronged plug - is correct in Europe and some parts of the USA. It’s for high wattage plugs.
Banana - indeed the banana could use better textures.
“flower lighting - hemi lamp or so pointing at it” - why it’s obvious the light is coming straight on through the windows. If they adjusted it that way they’d have to slope the entire outside lighting scheme in that direction leaving the left hand side more to the dark. Changing the “under counter” light from the left to right would do just as well if not better

For the model itself, the major thing I see is the fruit. The orange / lemon are far too glossy. Price does a nice tutorial on making a splash fruit which you can adjust for your orange / lemon as Price does the fruit in the first 10 minutes of his tutorial on youtube.

If possible I’d actually change the curtain from fabric to reed. There’s something odd about the way it’s done up to me but reed in that same pose would look better.

Is the stove stainless steel? If so it needs to be a bit more glossy.

And you’re missing light just at the very edge of the floor where light should be.

Thank you very much KuroOokami for your comment. My english isn´t good, but I think I understand you. Yes, when I made the kitchen sink I inspired in a doble sink, well seen. You have reason about the light on the flower (it would change all lighting scheme). We can´t see the light on the floor because is the sink´s shadow.
Thank you very much for your help and sorry by my english.