Here is my attempt on an older tutorial of Blender Guru.
Its a kitchen scene. Reference image is attached.
I have used Blender 2.79 version with Denoiser enabled.
Now I find an issue that the render have lots of noise on distant objects.
Even though I am using almost all the preacution to avoid Noise

  • I have used 1000 samples which is a decent number where as in older version I was using 800 samples without a Denoiser feature and those were nice render in terms of noise
    -I have used portals all around open windows and doors.
    -I unchecked both the caustics option and put the clamp indirect value to .01 which works fine every time in earlier version.

And this is not a very complex render to have such problem.Please suggest … Continue…


In the Second render I blurred the Image a little to hide noise…


Hi Tapan, looks really nice!

I can hopefully give some tips on the render settings. Your Clamp Indirect setting is way too strict, if you want to use this setting, the value needs to be as high as possible, the lower you set it, the more bright areas will be cut off. So i would suggest to start at 25 or so, and lower it when you still have very bright fireflies. And i would never set the light bounces lower than 5 (mine are 6, 6, 12, 6 respectively), right now, your diffuse and glossy samples are limited to 4. Only the Transmission will be at 6 bounces. Any more doesn’t really do much. Cheers, Cie.

Thanx for the Clamp Indirect setting tip,this might be the reason that I always find my renders look dull.I will look in to it.will look in to other settings too…