Kithen "Fall" -


I wanted to create a kitchen with colors matching the mid season between fall and winter, a cozy environment where there’s always a smell of coffee being made. I’ve referenced from different sources and wanted to improve my realistic skills.

2 weeks of modeling ~

3 weeks for materials and lightning ~

Very, very nice! It reminds me of the IKEA catalog. (That’s a complement ;)) Great job!

Thank you very much! Must be the Swedish vibes in me :wink: Most of the interior assests is actually from the IKEA catalog, Good eyes!

The space between the kitchen units is far too narrow, otherwise rendering and materials are okay. (Mom with big butt can not wash dishes in this kitchen. LOL)
And since I’m from Sweden I must say that I can not recognize anything from the IKEA catalog.

The lighting is just wonderful. Great work as a cycles interior. Those chairs/stools especially catch my eye as being photorealistic, I couldn’t have caught them as a render if I didn’t know. The wood materials in general are very good. Keep it up!

I actually have some old IKEA catalogs i reference from so much of my interiors like drawers and such is not only gathered from their website! :slight_smile:

Thank you josef, appreciate it!

It looks great:)

Impressive :wink: I love this kitchen, i can feel the smell of coffee, everything is perfect in this view :slight_smile:
I should say it’s one on of the best decoration i have ever seen :wink: Well done!

Very nice render… :slight_smile: Cheers to you spongec4ke…

Beautiful design. Good anisotropic on the refrigerator. I sure would like to prepare a meal in that kitchen!

Thanks for the replies guys, I really appriciate your words! :yes: I’ve been off traveling for a while now so a bit of a late reply!