After all the >serious work of the last few weeks I’m glad to model a character again :D.

Sketch / 1st Model (March-06-2006):


Edit - Final Version: (April-18-2007) >hires version


Look like Christopher Walken to me :stuck_out_tongue: However Really nice sketch and your modelling is amazing, Great work.

Wow, I got that Christopher Walken impression too (even before i noticed Linarts post). Really good modelling. The sketch doesnt look like him, but the model does. Just finish the whole body, rig it and make some “weapon of choice-style” video :smiley:

Christopher Walken? Yeah, kinda…
I saw Q

nice job so far, thoro :slight_smile:

Looks like that guy on “Who’s Line Is it?”.

Nice work.

Yup. I instantly saw Q as well. Freaky :o

I think the expression just looks like Q, C.W. doesn’t smile alot but he rarely scowles with that superior look…

the accuracy of your model looks great.


Woohoo! The Snack Fairy!

nostrils look a little odd at this angle and I see a hard edge above the eyes on the outside of the head.

spin: i bet if the finished model do indeed look like him (i forgot his name) just with hairs. it would be cool to see it on the “whose line is it?” show as a joke on him.

oh when i saw that sketch, he reminded me of that guy from the rainman. i forgot his name but it the hair that made me think of him.

Kinsky ?

the sketch is pretty good with the characteristics of
extreme assymetrie and that cynical pulled up half of the upper mouth.

Compared to that the model is far to ‘clean’. In your sketch the creases on the cheek around the mouth is much closer to the nose and the mouth. Check your reference but i think it should be like that.
Chin looks to round too perhaps.


Thanks for your comments! Haha, bjornmose got it right in several ways - I’m trying to model Klaus Kinski and I’m aware of the importance of facial asymmetry especially for this character.

But at this early stage I’m using the mirror modifier, I’ll apply it after modelling the ears and the back of the head. Even I won’t recognize him from the mesh at this stage so currently I call him just ‘Klaus’.

I made the sketch mainly to get a feeling for some of his characteristics and switched to different reference photos now. Everytime I look at them I find so many things that need to be changed…

small update:

he is snack happy good looking.

Thanks, Claas!

Here’s an update (…I really miss the original elYsiun colours). Going to give him some hair now…


…started to give him hair :slight_smile:


The hair doesn’t really suit him. It looks a bit thin and white, compared to the rest of the face.


Aligorith, I guess you’re right - the short, spiky hair doesn’t suit him. I’m going to give him longer hair, but I think I’ll keep it blonde. This might be a good reference:


I will texture the hair line and eyebrows later, I have to finish the head’s mesh first… can’t wait to get rid of the symmetry.

However, discovering Blender’s Static Particles is fun :):


man i wisgh i had talent to do hair like that, the mesh is bueatiful aand it looks just like ur pic… hopefully ill be wher eu are soon really good work (hopefully ur doing the whole body