Knife and mesh selection

Hi guys
I think i saw a tutorial or read somewhere that you can have the faces that were effected by the knife cut auto selected for easy deletion. At the moment working with some vert rich meshes and after the cut i have to go back and select all the faces again to delete which is very time consuming.

Is there such a thing as this auto select for delete?

The mesh gets auto-selected after you press Enter while knife cutting, just press x to deleted faces. Note that it works best only for inner cuts. I think you should use boolean modifiers or operations, it’s much easier that way.

If i use knife in face mode when i press enter nothing is highlighted. If i use it in vert edge mode after enter it retains the cut line but doing Ctrl I selectes everything that isnt the line whereas i want it to basically seperate the mesh down that line

Ahmmm, you could try to separate edges with V and then select one vertex,edge or face of the cut out mesh and press Ctrl+L to select linked and delete everything. I mean, this would work best if you were using cut through option while knife cutting.

If you’ve cut the mesh into two parts, you can hover your mouse over the part you don’t want, and press L to select linked.

Hey Skpfx not a very precise way as the initial cut to devide the mesh is both sides of the line and that makes a mess of things

If you see cut line vertices - mark as a seam. Now, L select will be limited to one island; select, hide outside until you’re left with visible inside faces.

Oooh yes thanks eppo that way works now. Thanks to all who helped me on this thread.