Knife block

Some kitchen stuff i made.
Wireframe render done with Modo. I couldn’t find a (fast) way to render wires in Blender. Maybe someone can help me with that.

Been away from Blender for some time, but the 2.8 release is looking mighty promising!

my other stuff:



You’re #featured! :+1:

Hey! Thanks Bart!!

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Looks fantastic.

It’s giving the opposite effect of most 3D artwork: the closer I look, the more realistic it looks. Especially the edges of the garlic press, it’s such a cool effect.

Is the cutting board 3D scanned? If not, how did you make it?

My only critique is that the light source seems to be making it look surreal… I can’t put my finger on why, though. I think maybe the rest of the scene is empty and my eye expects more uneven lighting and shadowing from interactions with the rest of the room.

I agree, the lighting could be improved. It’s a little flat.

The cutting board texture is just some photos i took of a board i have in my kitchen. Then added some variation to the roughness channel. Simple as that!


This is really cool. How did you do the Holes in that clippy thingy? I Modeled a shower head a while back, and that part was really tricky to get done. Looking at your wireframes, there doesnt seem to be any modelling done for that part. I’m thinking alpha masked textures?

Thanks Afeso!

Holes on the garlic press are just bumps on normal map. So no actual holes in the geometry. As long as you keep the camera at an angle, i think it does the trick.


Looks good. Only thing off the top of my head is due to the knifes reflective surface, it looks like it’s stuck way farther in the cutting board than it is.

Nice work. I’d say you could grit things up just a smidge, but not too much.

Thanks Slartibartfast (fjords!)!

A little wear and tear could do the image good.

In terms of wear, I’m personally thinking some scratches (knife marks) on the cutting board, and general wear (maybe even a little grime?) on the handles of the knives, but mostly scratches from coming into contact with other silverware.
Also some subtle smudges on the granite counter might look decent.

That makes so much sense. Thanks for the tip.

Same thing I thought about the reflective surface. I understood how do it was actually stuck by looking at the wireframes.
Excellent work nevertheless!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Nice! Thank you!

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Awesome. Looks great!

The wireframe could be rendered in Eevee using the wireframe-node.
I did a test and it worked just fine.

Unfortunately wireframe shader node trianglulates everything.

Ah, ok. That’s not cool.

Thanks for the tip. I wasn’t aware of such a node.
But why only triangles…

Blender tends to actually triangulate all quads during render. This is something I learnt from one of Glebb’s Recent Video about whether Ngons are evil.

I just tried this and the node set up doesnt work for me.
Has it changed recently? I guess i have missed something out. It works in cycles but not eevee.