Knife project in 2.8?

How does one do a knife project in 2.8? In 2.79 it was easy, but now that you can multiedit separate objects, I’m not sure what to do!

It works somewhat similar:

  • First select the object to project
  • Now select the object to cut (the target)
  • Go into edit mode with both selected
  • Run Knife Project

Note: For some reason, probably a bug, if you edit the source mesh while in edit mode above, before you do the project, the project won’t use the new shape. It will use the shape at the time you entered edit mode.

I tried that, but it just errors and says there’s no other object selected objects to use for projection :frowning:

Can you share a screenshot of how you are doing it?
I tried and it works fine for release build

Ya, here’s a video

Try projecting just a face, and try it in orthographic? What you are doing looks more like an attempt to use a Boolean. Knife project, in my experience, takes a flat face or group of edges and cuts it straight back into another object.

Oh my gosh I don’t know why I had it in my head that it would just cut the silhouette of any object in. Thanks!

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You would think Knife Project would work like that :laughing: I had to read several tutorials before that finally clicked for me, I kept trying to do the same thing. it helps me remember the difference between a Boolean and a Knife Project when I think about it like this: with Knife Project, you’re taping a piece of paper to a mesh and sticking a knife straight down, cutting around the outline of the paper.