KNIFE:Relative coords input by picking a vertex first and locations relative to that

I copied this from another thread I had started.
Since that thread is pretty much solved, still wondering though about this bit

Thank you.
It’s a way I tried but failed because the knife is a “freehand tool”. I was looking for a way to snap the input points to a grid or some to angles. Ok I can point to a vertex from the profile I will be cutting, then what?
If I were to calculate all vertices for the cut, using trig, it would be a mute excercise…
Is there no way to point relative to the first point to define a plane in 3D, to use as a cut ?
Didn’t find it… but it likely exists.

In general cutting with a three point plane using a snap point and to relevant coordinates would work well, for cuts.
For example with AutoCAD that would be pointing to the first point and then
2nd point: @1,1,0 (a point 1 unit in x, 1 unit in y - would be 45degrees - and 0 in Z)
3d point: @0,01 (in the z direction)

PS : I know about SHEAR and it works excellent.
But this way of inputing relative, would be nice with the KNIFE and other commands too.

With the knife tool look at the 3d view header for additional option. C turns on/off the angle constraint

Or use a proxy mesh to cut from a precise vertex location to another precise vertex location

Thanks, that works by constraining angles and the knife can do a cut that way.
The plane is another more general but indirect method.
Still wonder if there is a way to enter points relative to another