Knife Sharpening...

Me sucks at it.:frowning:

I ordered a fine grit DMT mini sharp to help me keep my Leatherman Fuse blade sharp, and I just got it in the mail today.

My blade is sharper than it was, but I still can’t even shave any of the hair off of the back of my hand with it. I haven’t tried cutting magazine paper, but printer paper still rips a bit if I’m not careful.

Got any tips on how to hold a constant edge angle without a guide? Keep in mind that this is a keychain-sized sharpener.

just buy razor blades =]

much sharper, but you have to worry about rust =/ they always do that to me

…lol. You can be a comedian Shatter (hippie Mack or “Mack”)

Anyways, not all blades aren’t designed for the super sharpness required by you. You may wish to have a read of the brittle vs flexible coatings of blades by looking it up on the net.

The sharper your blade, the more you risk the edges at the micron level shattering. Hence, in my opinion, and from experience you should choose a blade that at least half serated.

And you may wish to research the knives and sword making techniques.

Erm, I just want to keep my trusty multi-tool from getting dull. Not interested in buying a new knife…

I sharpen my knives with my bare teeth.

Typically I would sharpen a Very Blunt blade like this…
Gently but firm, at the correct angle,
run each edge twice, starting at the hilt, on a fine grinding wheel.
Same again on a fine sanding belt.
A sharpening stone to refine the texture of the edge.
Finally a leather belt is used to season the metal & polish the edge.

Pah. thats nothing… I stare at mine and they get sharp all by themselves again out of fear…

Did you know that if you have an evil spirit who has changed into a human form to try to trick you or something, you can double-check your visual sensory organ by simply viewing the reflection of the said person/s on your blade ?

I discovered this in an episode of Stan Sakai’s Miyamoto Usagi.

I never sharpen my knife. I never really tought about it being necessary, but then I don’t use my knife all that often. I think I’ve used my opener on it more then the actual knife.

I think I should call it a swiss opener rather then a swiss knife.

Eh, that’s nothing! My knives turns into a puddle of molten metal when I stare at them…

There’s a guy at the Saturday Farmer’s Market who sharpens scissors and knives.
I just take my knives there. Let the professional handle it.

Keychain size sharpener and no guide sounds like you’re getting as good as you’re going to get.

Well, knife sharpening, what an interesting subject. I found my first knife stuck into a stump in the deep woods. It was composed of Sheffield steel and actually was in pretty good shape. I did sharpen it by hand, and still I can shave with it. It is funny, but I spent many hours throwing it and making it stick where I wished, what a thing to do. Still, besides reading physics books, there wasn’t much else to do. I have several blades, all of them quite sharp and honed by hand. It really is an art. I do not use any mechanical means to sharpen, just eyes and hands. The most difficult blade to maintain is my straight razor. I really did not consider polishing an edge with leather before.

It doesn’t have to be super razor sharp for my purposes; I use it a lot at work to cut open cardboard boxes and plastic bags.

I do wonder if there are any professional sharpeners in my area, though.

I’d think they would be able to sharpen it at any knife shop.

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That was sorta creepy.
anyway I don’t really bother sharpening my knives that much. I use a sharpening stone to sharpen them lol