knife tool 231

anyone got it working in 231?

also, there’s a modeling trick is no longer working with 231.

tab, select a vertex, ctrl d, o, and g z. it’s no longer deform.

Use ‘Enter’ to make the cut.


what’s wrong with the right click?
It’s faster!! Don’t you think?

Usually RMB is used to discard. I guess that’s why they changed it to ENTER. I’m not sure about this, but it seems to be logical.

right-click cancels all of blender’s other actions

there isn’t really a good blender-like anser though, just use enter for now
(maybe middle-click or use control+click instead of left click, left click to complete? either change would confuse people though)

Left-click works too. Just thought enter would be an easier answer if you hadn’t worked that out yet.


Just gotta make sure all the verts are selected before-hand. Pulled some hairs out this morning because I forgot that %|