Knife Tool in 2.58?

Anyone know how to access the knife tool in 2.58?

You need to have something selected and you need to hold down the [k] as you cut.
[Shift] + [k] to cut in the middle.
All the rest of the 2.49 functionality (as far as I know) is not back yet.

ah, thanks man. seems to have lost some functionality I noticed. ( click point A + click point b + enter = straight cut )

CTRL-R will give you the Loop Cut tool.

Knife cut is K+Left-Mouse button for me. (I checked in the spacebar search menu)
Shift+K doesn’t do anything

Oh well, it’s not totally useless but I wish it had the functionality like it has in Max or Maya. That would be epic.

I can’t get multicut to work. I can do one cut and then when I try a subsequent cut nothing happens. Can someone please tell me what I am missing?

Ah! I found the problem, it deselects the mesh, I have to select all the edges I want to cut again.

Is there a way to cut a path like this?


but for knife try this

start blender-2.55
default scene with cube
change to edit mode for cube
select all
vertices for cube
now it comes:
press K-key and keep it pressed
and then
press left-mouse-button until the knife-icon appears
and then, only then you can lift
your fingers from the K-key
while moving the “knife-icon” with the pressed
left-mouse-button arround
over the cube
and if you let the left-mouse-button go …
then the cuts will be made …

happy 2.5