Knight Beer


I started this project in 3ds max but as soon as I wanted to work as a full time freelancer I decided to export this project to blender and see what blender software is all about.:slight_smile:

This is actually my first serious blender and cycles project. There is also a lot of post production done in photoshop.


Very clean. GJ

Great job! The lighting and materials are awesome. :slight_smile: Wouldn’t change a thing!

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Very sharp render. Great job! I would love to learn a bit more about how you created this piece. I have never seen a bottle rendered this well in cycles. My only thought is it might be nice to have a few bubbles on top of the liquid

This is superb, only thing that bothers me that are all of those bottles empty? Atleast it looks like it :slight_smile:

Wow! :smiley: Deserves a Feature I think!!! :smiley: