Knight render

Still trying to find a unique 2d-stylized render for my project, now experimenting with flat shaders, and with more complex compositing in Blender (well, complex for me).
This artwork is a part of a series of renders, that’ll do later.
P.S. Probably it can be some “Berserk” reference, but silence, you didn’t watch it…

Instagram acoount, cause those 3 renders posted separately


Thats pretty damn cool! i really like the old school cylon idea.

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Thanks a lot!

Very nice work ! i love the flames trhat seem to replace the cape !

How did you do those flames ?

Thanks. I just followed several tutorials on the internet to create some kind of a fire wings. Here’s the node setup for material and fire domain. The trickiest part was rendering the fire on transparent background, for later compositing. The solution was to add “set alpha” node in composer, and then adjust the colours to make the desired result.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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