Knitted Cloth

Hey guys,

Does anyone know how to make a knitted pullover?
I’d like to have real knitting geometry like here:

This was done using maya and mopknit

The same is available in max with slideknit

All these plugins do is to make a cut in the mesh where the UV Seams are and then flatten the geometry to UVs.

Does anyone know if there is something like that available for blender too?
Or if anyone has another idea, please LET ME KNOW since i’m clueless.

Cheers Christian


Dunno if You have seen this.


This is a material workaround, i think actimelvanille is referring about real mesh.

thanks guys.

the celtic knot addon is a nice start :slight_smile:

if only i could code … should be pretty easy to do.
simply flatten the mesh to the uv shape and create a morphtarget ^^
then you bind the original mesh to the flat mesh and morph the flat mesh back to the original shape … bam

Some 2 years old teasers…

yeah, i saw those videos … should be released soon then :wink:
to be honest i’m not sure if it will ever be released … for the time being an addon would be perfect

I’ve modeled some knitted fabrics, there’s really no modeling to speak of, you model half a stitch and the rest is modifiers. I can dig up some blend if you’re interested. This effect has some compositing for the softer fuzzier look. The geometry adds up, this is a hair under a quarter million verts (1 mil with sub 1)

thanks photox, a blend file would be awesome :slight_smile:
and the same technique would apply to a pullover with knitting going into different directions and having folds?

The sweater is stitch.001 , the mirror and arrays have been applied on it, in order to assign different materials to various rows. Hide that object, and unhide ‘stitch’. Disable every modifier visibility (eyeball icon) and then enable them one by one top to bottom (start with mirror) to understand how the stack works. Basically you model half a stitch, and then…

  1. Mirror it (With clipping, fused at center)
  2. Array on x with ‘merge’ to fuse a row together. you may need to adjust merge distance on yours.
  3. Array on z to make height
  4. subsurf (optional, poly heavy)
  5. displace, to give the stiches some randomness and girth)
  6. curve modifier on bezier to make turn them into a oval cylinder. Moving the object on x axis (g x) slides it around the curve. Make changes to bezier circle in edit mode only.
  7. lattice acting as a low poly cage

Then there’s 2 render layers on for the sweater one for the background, the sweater gets 2 blurs to make it fuzzy. There’s a few directions you could go from to make sleeves.
Knit-low.blend on dropbox

many thanks, that is looking really good :smiley:
the problem now is that i have to match the knitting to a pullover with realistic folds.
do you think there is a way to solve this as well?

There are more techniques to create more complex topologies, each having their own caveats, advantages and limitations. Do you have a reference image you are trying to match? If so, post the image(s) Is this a single still shot, or are you making an animation?

i cannot post the concept unfortunately and did not find a similar design but something like this is going into the direction only that the concept has damage and holes.

You need to spell it out more clearly. It’s no use posting a ref image, that kind of sort of looks like the concept. Except, well, it’s totally different. And no metion of animation/still.

well lets just say then that i would like to achieve the look from the image above.
the big problem is not to change the pattern to the knitting from the concept but to make the knitting follow the folds.
it is intended for games so there is no need to be animated inside of blender.
i will export it to zbrush and add details there and then bake everything into a normalmap in the end

Post a fully modeled sweater, with folds, with cross sectional loops following the stitch pattern you wish to follow and we’ll go from there. It’s not too hard at that point.

i wish i could but i am not allowed to show anything unfortunately.
maybe i will just make some tube shapes like in you demo scene, combine them to a pullover and do the sculpting of folds afterwards

It doesn’t have to be the concept model, just model a sweater (or sleeve only) with folds, surely you can do that in 15 minutes.

okay lets assume the attached file would be the pullover

Attachments (1.07 MB)

This is another method, using a non random particle system emitting from verts. It may give you some ideas.

Particle pullover

many thanks photox, i will take a look! :slight_smile: