I’ve offered some advice for you guys and thought I’d post something I’m working on. Bear in mind I’m only 2 weeks into 3d and blender. I’m a gui designer and needed some 3d knobs for some projects, this is the kind of thing I’m doing…

And this is how they look in situ…

The second one is mostly 3d. Thoughts and comments welcome :wink:

Awesomeness. I haven’t done GUI design in over 15 years (I worked with Macromedia Director in the mid '90s) and this is the first time I missed it, hehe… So yes, very cool. ;D

Thanks FF, so the materials are coming across then? You can tell what each of them are meant to be made of?

Thanks for the kind words :wink:

+1 to “Awesome” said here already. Especially taking into account you’re 2 weeks into blending…

Now, how did you manage to get that anisotropy on top surfaces, textured? Because all links related to such materials in blender lead to 404 mostly.

And yes, i surely can differentiate btw aluminum and harder stuff here, galvanized plastic too :).

For being 2 weeks into Blender that’s actually really good-looking. If anything could improve, I would say the black knobs need just a little bit of small clouds bump mapping.

Thanks, I faked the ansiotropic reflections with a bit of uv mapping :wink:

I’m glad the materials are coming across.

Owldude, thanks and you’re right, bump mapping is the mission of the day :wink: