know the real status of a modal instance

I’m working about a modal that runs as an addon.
looks almost ok. the code use a modal status props to know if it’s running or not. the value is stored outside the main modal operator, this one call this value at invoke for example, to know what to do.

ideally that would be better to evaluate if the operator is running or not, internally, not from a prop outside.

so my questions :
is it possible to test if a modal is currently running, internally without using variables ?
is it possible to access/modify self operator variables from outside (would be more reliable), like one can do with panel with something like :

# in an operator, to access variables from a panel

ok I did not find the info and I’m not sure it’s possible.
but I’ve found a reliable trick, and some other. if someone want to investigate the code / stress the script it’s here.