Koenigsegg CCX

Hi! I am a 14 year old “Artist” and i have used blender for about a year.

Here is my latest project, rendered with blenders internal renderer, the swedish supercar Koenigsegg CCX (I am from Sweden myself) :slight_smile:


i think that car might be rather cool, but with only that one shot, im not sure… can you post more views and wires?
also, i think the environment might be a little dull for the shinny car look…

Hello oscarjo! Great job on this car! You are incredibly talented to have modeled this, I agree with dvandamme you need a better raymirror material, and a HDRI image for reflections, and you’ll have a great image.

It is also too dark on my monitors, you might do with brightening it up a bit.

Haha, ny name is Oscar Johansson :slight_smile: What should I do with the Ray mirror?

I’m still at work so I can’t post long replies, Quick answer: On the materials tab under Mirror Transp click the button Ray Mirror. Then play with the RayMir slider and IOR (Index of Refraction) below it until you get good results. When you render make sure you have “ray” enabled in the render settings. It will take much longer to render but you can get great results. What it does is add reflectivity to the material, ior is how much the reflection gets bent (like in a house of mirrors) You almost may need to adjust the spec and hardness of the material to achieve good results. In order to get realistic reflections and refractions the scene must have something to reflect, the best thing is what is called an hdri image, but to start with just use a subsurfed plane bent around the car from the front (behind the camera).

I have Ray Mirror on, and have played with the specular and hard to get the best results. then I should just find a HDRI image :slight_smile: