Kolesnikov Denis - Sketchbook

Here I’m starting to post some 2013-2015 works that was never have a release.

This was edited before, so I’ll edit this later.

This is the first use of water shader.

Man should clean the mess in the warehouse.

Some kind of bee.

This is the latest. A strawberry.

Back to the oldies. Dream of a poor latin man.

That’s a bear. Probably not Russian. Who cares? Just bears.

Hippo… of sorts.

Nothing special. Just a human model made using Skin modifier.

It’s so old so I can’t find the original blend. Maybe later.

This is second part.

A lone palm, new edition. Not anymore a baobab, correct shading. Maybe sky should be a little bit brighter. And clouds should be added.

Tom and Jerry. For me, Jerry looks better.

Add: didn’t noticed that Jerry’s eyes is not round. I’ll fix it later.

Blender Internal. Probably after making this work I begun to understand the shading. Untouched, as is.

A teapot. Nothing special.

Just can’t wait to show recent HDR lighing. It’s my lot in Sorokino.

Fields of South Africa in great danger. They almost survived the last invasion of worms. To stop invasion, Russian scouts sent some hedgehogs to them. But the helicopter, which was meant to deliver them, has crashed! Now hedgehogs are stuck in Sahara desert. And nobody can help them!

(helicopter is in mile away from hedgehogs)
Another crappy work. Hedgehogs may be useful, thought. If I did some mistakes in English, PM me and I’ll fix it.

Good work on the “not a Russian bear”… also I like Jerry too. He associates me of a communist version of Jerry… :slight_smile:
Keep it up!

Thanks, m_squared. I’m just cleaning the mess in my files.

Thanks, m_squared. I’m just cleaning the mess in my files.
Add: quickie I’ve just made. But it’s probably a WIP, so there may be another versions.