Korean users / Korean font support anyone.

Hi, or should I say Annyonghaseyo (Pitty elysiun doesn’t support Korean fonts either)

Anyway, I am learning Korean and would like to enter some Korean text into blender.

I tried Elefont, but that doesn’t seam to like Korean. So, my question is, how do you Korean people enter text into blender?


I know Blender Supports Japanese fonts and I usually put in some Phantasy Star Online font when i’m feeling a bit crazy =D

Thought I think firs tit has to be made compatible with blender, maybe need a Korean Blender user or somebody who could be helpful to make this possible =)

:-? hmmm… tricky

My only advice would be to create an image with the text you want in blender on it. Then, in the view options try USE BACKGROUND image and copy the text vertex by vertex, and then extrude…

Yep, it’s definitely possible, with the newish Blender text object unicode support:


I wrote a little guide about it here, a while ago before the feature was in an official release, hope it helps: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=431446#431446

It works!!!


Thats funny. Btw what do you want to model, a kimchi-fridge?

A whole fridge dedicated to Kimchi? - Muahahaha!

I was looking for a T-Shirt recently with a catch frase on it which would make Koreans laugh and still look cool at the same time. The best I could find was one writen in English ‘Got Kimchi?’ (i.e Got Milk? rip off) But being in English just didn’t help, so I wanted to write the same thing for my first Hangul Blender test, but I couldn’t quite get the same meaning across with my limited language experence, I have only just started learning about past tense stuff. I am not even sure it can be directly translated, can it? ‘Got’ is their a direct word which means Got?

Anyway, glad you found it funny. Just a side note for the poor people reading this who don’t have a clue, the message says ‘Kimchi is great’ or ‘Kimichi is very good’. Kimchi is a pickled, firmented side dish which is soaked in hot spices. If you have an inclination towards spicy foods, then give it a try :wink: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kimchi