KoRn's New Album!

It Came out today, but i can’t buy it because i have no money, Does anyone here have it yet? if you do, tell me how it is please.
KoRn is my Favorite band, anyone else like there Music?

I dig 'em, but I didn’t know the album was out yet.

lol out today… in Switzerland we were very lucky it was out about 10 days ago… strangely

it is pretty good but I like the last one better. But I’d say it is worth have it if you like them.

never liked Korn, probably because I’m not emo :slight_smile:

thats not cool watchthis, not cool at all…, lol

KoRn kicks ass \m/

Heard a single on the radio…not bad. Did the dude that wrote britney spears’s material write on this album too :wink:

never liked Korn, probably because I’m not emo
Btw…since when is korn emo? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m near Chicago…I know emo cringes I’m not a huge fan either though for the most part. The tuned down slapping sounds get old.

I wouldn’t say Korn is emo. As a matter of fact, I don’t think emo in it’s self is bad.
yesterday, I saw Snoop dogg, Xibit and David Banner promoting Korn’s new album. Funny. They were pretending to be Korn, signing autographs and stuff. Snoop Dogg slaps the stage manager…lol.

Sounds like Twisted Transistor? :stuck_out_tongue: I think I’m going to buy it someday :stuck_out_tongue: Haven’t heard anything from thier new album but if it sounds like coming undone, freak on a leash, Ya’ll wanna single, her to stay etc etc … I’m definitely going to buy it :smiley:

I never said being emo was bad, I just said I’m not emo. Dunno, Korn just comes across as emo to me…

Ok, Korn isn’t Emo, They’re Nu Metal.

The easily impressed are an ever growing market, like a bottomless pit; That’s how one-hit-wonders squeeze through the cracks in the first place.

These absolutely wretched bands don’t just make it because people “don’t” like them, but they make it because, most people are fad-fueled in their decisions.

The goal for a musician is not so much, to write a great album, as it is to win over the trend-conscious consumers of “music”.

Who cares what you label anything? The 3 notes that you pump out, if a consumer feels like they understand you, then they are a willing servant to read deeper into your persona than what the artists originally planned. And it would be rabidly successful if cute girls liked the music, then, at that point, the wrong head tells the man that the music is “great”.

Here is a list of Clone bands who suck, but have risen because of the preying upon fads:

First, the original band which is cool, then the clone band(s) that suck:

Nirvana and GreenDay:yes: …but then: :no:OffSpring,Good Charlotte

Led Zepplin;) but then: Kingdom Come(Or Kingdom Clone), other Coverdale/Sykes projects, WolfMother

Beatles;) but then: Summer Camp, The Strokes, Weazer(Even though they can play buttrock covers, they are still a horrible condescending attitude band)…And the many many bands who sound like the Strokes and Weazer.

Joy Division. But then: The Cure, sorry, Smith fans, they sucked then, and they suck now.

Tool(Before they sucked) but then Mudvayne(I kinda like em, but they are definite Korn/Tool clones). And Stinkin Park(They sound like 311 on crack, with Fran Dresser on lead vocals with marbles in her mouth).

And bands that try to sound like GreenDay, usually suck.

Oh yeah, and the Smashing Pumpkins suck too, but I give them credit for being an original suck band.

Guns N Roses (Or lines in Noses) suck, but most buttrock sucks anyways.

Metallica used to actually be cool. Who knows what happened to them…But they are definitely a premier Meth-snortin-NASCAR-rock band…whoaaaaaa whoa-yeah.

Dukytyme: is that a poem?

there is a few thing which I don’t agree with you.
first of all… I don’t see why you call them clones… how is offspring a clone of nirvana or…greenday?

and you cannot say that Mudvayne is a clone of Korn and Tool. they have there own style… and every band are influenced by others, therefore you could say that they are all clones…

First, it was my opinion. 2nd. As far as labels go, I can label anyone a clone if I feel they are a clone.

I din’t just fall off the turnip truck, I’ve toured with famous acts, and performed live and engeneered music for years, and I know that the next “big thing” will be someone who is original, just like always…then comes the clones…who think they are original too.

You can’t feed me the “influenced” stuff. There is a diffence between being influenced by someone, and what most groups(clones) call them selves being “influenced”. Hey, if you like offspring, great, they could use more fans these days.

You can’t play a rock song without touching the blue notes, and you can hardly find an Elvis tune that was not recorded before he was born. Brian Setzer was obviously “influenced” by Les Paul, Dick Dale and Django, but he’s not a clone of them either.

I like Reverend Horton Heat, but he is a clone of Brian Setzer. Period.

I can comp the riffs of every band I mentioned, and know the stupid progressions, can read the stupid notes, and can see the clone for myself.

Tell me that WolfMother is not a clone of Zeplin? Offspring? Style? PoinDexter Holland sucks as a vocalist even as much as Offspring sucks as a band…Yeah, I chose to “keep[myself] separated” from that tripe. yeeeah yeeeeeah, ohhh yeahh…ppppppppp

I wont even go into the u2 clones out there.

Small example of what I mean:

Offspring esteem: Link
Nirvana teen spirit Link

Offspring want you bad Link
Green Day basket case Link

Wolfmother Woman link
Amazing how Zep covers a band without “Cloning” them. Led Zeplin When the Levee Breaks: Link

Weezer - Undone – The Sweater Song Link
The monkeys A little bit me, a little bit you Link

The Strokes(total clone of Joy Dvision and the Cure) - Reptilia Link
Joy Division(a.k.a. Tones on Tail/ love n rockets) Link
The Cure Love Song Link

To be influenced is very different from fricken cloning a band.

Mudvayne Determined(I dig this tune…Makes me feel like punishing people):Link

Voivod Insect Link

Tool Aenema Link

Mudvayne Happy?Link

What separates the clones from Tool, is that Tool commonly play in 6/8 with segues and breaks in 7/8. where no Rock groups since Rush have ever hit the charts with odd meter feel in any tunes. Well, there was a band called Eleven…Tool “Influenced”

Your kind of changing the subject now, i was asking if anyone had bought this CD yet, or liked the songs on it, not “Clone Bands”, So, if you want to start another rant about something like this, start your own thread please. By the way, i agree with CORknot, every band is influenced by others, bands just don’t start outta nowhere, and if no bands were influenced, we would have a different style of music.for every band.

cuz korn is emo??? dude u can die! please… go play in traffic!..it would do the world a big favor :yes:

I’ve been saving my music vouchers for month just for this weekend! And guess what ? It’ll be Korn!

Yeah you probably dont like country because you’re not a cowboy, and you probably dont like trance because you’re not a stoner, you probably dont like classical because you’re not that old, and you probably dont like rap because you’re not a gangster.

According to your logic anyone who listens to any kind of music MUST belong to some group label, because thats just how things are.

That’s a pretty ignorant way of thinking if you ask me.

Anyway, back to the topic…

I liked most of Korn’s old music but the newer stuff kinda makes me turn away. I’ll check out the new album as soon as I can get my hands on it. Maybe it’ll spark my interest.